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Reason for you should be go to MELSA

Malta is an island located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea in southern Sicily and northern North Africa. With a population of 400,000 and an area of ​​316 square kilometers, it is the smallest country in the European Union. It is considered one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The islands consist of three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, which have amazing weather, pleasant sandy beaches, glorious nightlife, and a fascinating history of 7,000 years. But aside from all the great things to do and see in Maltese country friendly, incredibly gay friendly If you have not thought about visiting Malta, we are happy to share 10 reasons Malta should be on your travel list!

Maltese gay friendly!

Malta may not be in your travel radar. But quickly makes a name for itself, especially for the LGBT community. In just a few decades, LGBT rights and domestic coverage have been elevated and considered to be the best in the world. In fact, in October 2015, the European region of IGLA ranked Malta the first in terms of LGBT rights from 49 European countries observed.

TropOut Beach is heading to Malta.

For the first time, a festival for modern gay travelers is coming to Europe. Join TropOut in Malta from September 13-19, joining Malta Pride. This is a long week you will not want to miss since 1973. Happened in Thailand and New Caledonia and attended the beach festival in Phuket. For Malta, they have created a festival that combines the glamor of European summer with all the major party festivals in place that will surprise you with its historic, cultural and landscapes. If you are looking for an unforgettable Mediterranean experience with someone with the same mind, then you’ve found it. The events this week will include accommodation, entertainment, headlines, transfers and an array of other add-ons.

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Join TropOut in Malta from September 13-19!

Go to Malta Gay Pride

Malta Gay Pride takes place at the end of the summer on Saturday, September 15th. Join local people and visitors alike to take pride in the heart of the Mediterranean! Theme of the year. The 2011 was chosen as a symbol of hope for neighbors and beyond the community that continues to struggle for recognition by LGBT. If you are joining TropOut Malta, it will be completed and celebrated for the perfect week. Of an amazing holiday The celebrations will be held at the parade and concerts on Saturday afternoon at the city of Valletta, followed by official pride, which is expected to be held at the Tigullio nightclub.

Throne Game

For everyone who is a fan of the Game of Thrones, you will be pleased to learn that part of the shooting season was filmed in Malta. If you want to visit the place of the Game of Thrones Malta anywhere, you can easily do this for three small islands. The amazing place, especially you may want to visit is San Anton Palace, Mdina and Azure Window windows. Azure is a natural limestone, which is 28 meters long, used for the Drogo epic and Daenerys wedding scene. Unfortunately, in March of last year, 2560 Azure window collapsed due to severe weather and lost to the sea forever. It warns that today will be gone tomorrow … and Malta is a beautiful island for visiting whether you are a fan of the Game of Thrones or not.

Valletta is the cultural capital of 2018.

There is no better time to visit Valletta than in the year. Since the capital of Malta is a cultural city of Europe. Explore the Lazarus War Room to better understand the role of Malta in World War II. Go through St. John’s Cathedral, built by the Knights of Malta in 1573, and marvel at the magnificent Old Palace. Make sure to stop at Caffe Cordina and try the famous traditional honey ring. Take the Valletta Coastal Walk along the city walls and the ferry of Sliema across the Marsamxett Pier to see the shooting locations of Game of Thrones, Manoel Island and the different views of the city. Visit the Cisk or Malta fine wines in the small but beautiful capital of Valletta.

Amazing views at Upper Barrack Gardens

You can take a breathtaking view of Malta’s ‘Three Cities’ from the Upper Barrack Gardens in Valletta, the highest point in Malta. From this noble battle point you can see small fishing boats and large cruises floating in the Grand Harbor below. This garden is tranquil and shady, making it ideal for your stay from the sun in the daytime. This is where the knight used to go to Malta and you can see why the view is SPE.

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