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Insiders Bus Baz in SA(South Africa)

If you are heading to South Africa, you may have heard about the Bus Baz Bus, If it does not lead to Baz Bus will cover some light.
For some people it can be the greatest thing in the world … For others it is a source of misery and frustration.
When it comes down to it though, it all depends on whether you use this service. Read this internal data usage guide against Baz Bus to avoid costly or timely errors.
how it works:
Baz Bus is designed specifically for backpackers. (The hostel must be on the approved Baz Bus List) and take them to the next hostel in the neighboring city. (Which must be on the approved list)
There are two types of tickets available:
1. Time only: Suitable for unlimited journeys at scheduled times (1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks).

2. City to City: Go from Cape Town to Johannesburg or vice versa, or as fast as you want. No expiration date.

Bus Baz is suitable for:
Short distance is considered as a bus. Hop-on-hop-off is a good way to take you from one city to another, where large buses may not be able to run.
Other backpackers meeting using the bus as a travel companion. When it’s time for you to reach the next stop, you should know a new friend or two and share helpful advice.
New Backpackers If this is your first time traveling abroad, Baz Bus will provide you with the comfort, safety and comfort you need.
convenience Let’s face it, sometimes the comfort is worth every cent. The simple concept behind this travel vehicle is simply easy to implement and can give the tired traveler a good rest.
Insiders Guide to Baz Bus – Backpacking to South Africa
Baz Bus at the sign in Cape Town, South Africa

Bus Baz is bad for:

Long-distance and fast travel With the possibility of stopping at 4-5 dormitories per town and loading and unloading new passengers at each time, not being Baz Bus’s best buddies, these little stops serve up a prime time. For example, a trip from Cape Town to Durban on a Baz Bus takes about 2 full days (due to a Port Elizabeth stopover) and a total of 30 hours of driving time. The same in just 7 hours.

Baz Bus locals have no local flavor. As South Africans do not use it as a way to travel, you will miss the precious experience and knowledge that villagers can provide.

Your budget Almost always the Baz car will take over the rands out of your wallet than any other option. Public transportation, renting a car, or hiking obviously. (Which is common and considered safe by many people) is much cheaper. From Cape Town to Durban you can save about 2,000 Rands by taking a local bus rather than Baz Bus.

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Other things to note:

1. Bus Baz usually takes about 30-45 minutes before or slowly. Not their fault Actually, it depends on the number of buses to park, where to go, and if a backpacker is available when it arrives.

2. Baz Bus has good storage space. Depending on how the seat is filled, the bag is kept on the bus or in a small trailer attached to it. Riders will take care of your luggage with care for the safety of passengers carrying a guitar or a surf board.

3. During a ride on the Bus Baz, you will have the opportunity to write a written comment about your experience. It ensures that the rider is as safe and friendly as possible.
4. Bus Baz only applies to certain cities on certain days and sometimes Not just that But during the holidays or high season, they can be added quickly. This will kill the level of nature and require some advance planning.

5. There are eight cities in Baz Bus where the bus does not travel. They will stop you at the sign along the way and you will have to take a separate shuttle to your dorm. Transfers are available at an additional cost and can travel anywhere between 150-500 rand one way (approximately 30-100 USD per trip). Prices vary by city and the number of people traveling with you. The shuttle services are Stellenbosch Hermanus, Oudtshoorn, Hogsback, Coffee Bay, Mpande, Port St. John and Southern Drak.

6. Wi-Fi in Bus Baz Bus costs are not available on all routes and must be paid via credit card.

7. While Bus Baz can be a fun and enjoyable experience, your ride is probably not as good as advertised. Most people will read or fall asleep, while seats may be more comfortable than minibuses. They are no less … Bus seats make passengers taller or larger and narrower.

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