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Men and women to do in Everyday LIFE

I escaped the mafia and now it is the monkey that made me “With laughter, Lydia Cacho is showing her biting from the Ubud Monkey Forest. These little thugs are celebrity insurgents in Bali, and yesterday they got Cacho, one of the journalists and Mexico’s most heroic human rights movement. Author and reader of Ubud Festival to share her story about 23 years as an investigative journalist in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.

Cacho started her career reporting on violence against women and earned a reputation for work that put trafficking in child pornography and prostitution. Her first book, The Devil of Eden, unmasked the pedophile ring in Cancun, which led to local scrutiny of Jean Succar Kuri. It also led to torture and self-indulgence by Cacho’s defamation, an incident. Which was later revealed to be part of a plan that was alleged to keep her quiet.

Despite these threats for her safety, Cacho carried out her involvement in bullying, often causing some to forcibly escape her from Mexico. But she found the way back. Her latest book, Slavery Inc: A Story About Sex Transculture, traces the trafficking behavior and their victims from Mexico to Turkey, Thailand to Iraq, Georgia to England.

It seems that you are most humble and happy in the midst of this. The enjoyment of her life illuminates her love of confrontation and the struggle of her hardship. One of the many things I want to ask her about when we meet in Ubud.

Over the past few days, I’ve heard about the dangers of your life. Did they stop now?

They do not stop. Slavery Inc. has been translated into various languages, so now they are so angry. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The Argentine people I wrote about were about to be tried shortly. It’s because of this book and he’s angry at me. I’m so serious Specialists are already available.

You have talked about before the revolution of men. You see what happens?

Yes, I hope it will happen. We need parents and parents to build it. I see my nephews and nieces and their friends develop into something different in many ways. Some of these kids are learning different ways to become men. They do not have to be hard-pressed to prove themselves or be the only one who can earn a living. I think things are changing gradually. But we do not have sex and men come back to us. Some journalists were explaining to me yesterday about the new law in Indonesia where a 13-year-old girl must prove that they are a virgin before going to school. This kind of thing is difficult. You think you are traveling somewhere, and they come with something else. I hope the revolution of men will happen. But we have to be more involved. Not our job as a woman.

You have people who see video footage in your favor. To have special effects

Most of the time it happens to children, it’s strange because when I started being an activist I said “I’m going to dedicate my activities to women, I do not have to worry about kids and everything, this is not my area, now I understand that. These are women and men to do.

This relates to the fact that they can be happy even if they go through hell – for example, abused children for child pornography, which is very scary. What surprised me was the ability to trust adults. Their father or mother may sell them or let them go with these people. But they will trust again and again. In general, this is one of the things I have learned. People may hurt you. But you have to go on and on, it sounds easy, but not all.

What drives your human rights work?

Can i say my confidence But it’s also how I’m a little girl. I’m a “rebellious girl” – that’s what my daddy called me. I believe in human rights in general, not just philosophical issues. It is also personal. It has to do with your dignity.

In addition, growing up as a sex-oriented Mexican woman, you will learn how to protect yourself and how to argue. Learn to go and and And and And and And when I was young and angry about something my mother would say to me “You’re angry and it’s okay. But I want you to give me a reason why I’m angry. “She did that all the time.

I read somewhere you say “I’m not scared”, evident from your persistence. Have you ever been?

I’m not scared Of course I’m afraid in different situations. But when I’m afraid that I will not harden like some people.

You also said that you meditate every day, help?

Yes, that’s very important.

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