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10 at Phuket Popular tourist must visit.

Phuket, the pearl city of Andaman, the famous South of Thailand. Attracts both Thai and foreign tourists to visit millions of people annually With the place Phuket has many.
And not only the sea. Let’s take a look at the most popular in Phuket that all tourists must visit better.

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1. Promthep Cape
One of the places to visit Phuket. I do not have to see it. At the top of the promontory is the promontory of the Golden Jubilee. The tip of the Cape called Laem Chao, the area will extend out into the sea. Standing well with the palm trees stand together. Beautiful view of the sea in Phuket. The sunset is one of the most beautiful in Thailand, it is.

2. Patong Beach
Beach of Phuket Island In addition to beautiful nature. There are white sandy beach, clear sea, suitable for sunbathing. Water activities and marine activities. At the same time around the beach, there are shops, restaurants, hotels and pubs.

3. Old Town Sino-Portuguese Building
Back in town with some cultural attractions. Phuket Old Town is surrounded by the Sino-Portuguese building. The ancient and valuable ancient buildings that have been built since the reign of King Rama V. The beautiful European architecture is lined on both sides of the road.

4. Thao Thep Krasattri Monument Thao Srisunthorn
The pier intersection is the site of Thao Thep Krasattri Monument Thao Srisunthorn Monument of two heroines of Thailand. Is a historical tourist spot. Ms. Thaworn and Ms. Muk Song Phi Nong are important people in Thalang and Thailand. The heroic heroism of the Burmese army successfully defended the city.

5. Phuket Thai Head Museum
If you want to know the history of Phuket. Phuket Thai Hua Museum This is a great learning resource. This old Chinese school is home to a collection of Chinese expatriates who settled in the market zone. There are 14 interesting exhibits.

6. Chalong Temple
Chalong Temple or Wat Chai Tharam Ram It is a famous temple and one of the most important religious sites in Phuket. Named the most beautiful in the province. And there is Luang Por Cham former abbot that everyone respects in holiness.

7. Rawai Beach
Rawai beach is another famous beach of Phuket. There are restaurants and souvenir shops lined up. The highlight here is peace over Patong. The sunrise and sunset at Patong Beach is also appreciated as not to be missed in Phuket.

8. Nakkiri Buddha
The Nakkiri or Wat Phra Yai is the largest statue of Buddha in Phuket. Pure white color with contemporary art. The white jade of Burmese jade weighs about 135 tons, which is a priceless statue of Buddha, located on the hilltop. And above, visitors can experience the beautiful scenery of Kata beach with Promthep Cape.

9. Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea Phuket’s famous nightlife. The world’s most rare show is located at Kamala Beach. The show will showcase the beauty of Thai culture with high technology, using laser light to blend perfectly. Over 100 talented actors and 40 strings of elephants.

10. Koh Rang Yai
Koh Rang is a private island. There are two islands, Koh Rang Yai and Koh Rang Noi, most tourists come to Koh Rang Yai, which has beautiful white beaches clean blue waters. Suitable for swimming. The west of the island has plenty of forest. If you are standing on the west beach, you can see the island clearly.

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