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3 beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, independent tourists should not be ignored

Drowned in an unreadable Cyrillic copy and bombed with an incomprehensible “consulship” spread by my desktop, I almost gave up. But with a small goal to visit Belarus, one of the least visited countries in the world right now. Who knows, maybe this is not difficult …

After toughening out a Russian visa application, I refused to give a pint size problem, such as changing my Belarusian visa.

Are you confident that you will receive a successful Belarusian visa? Here are some lessons. (And a quick fix) from my own experience:

Getting a Belarus visa is easier than getting a Russian visa.
Compared to the panicked process of applying for a Russian visa, a visa for Belarus is a leisurely walk in the park. A simple Belarusian visa application avoids the complexity of Russia by trading the request. Not relevant as well. “Where did you go to high school?” Or “Show visits every time you visit in the past 10 years with exact dates.” “Have you ever been to Belarus?” In fact, almost nothing in the Belarusian application belongs to the ordinary. Until now, very good.

Belarus visa application rules are not standard across the board.
The rules for applying for a Belarusian visa depend on your nationality. Here are some things you should look out for:

Minsk Airport has a visa on arrival for most English-speaking countries, except Canada. Although it is theoretically easy. However, you must send your visa support document to the Minsk International Airport before your arrival if the Belarusian Embassy / Consulate is in your country. Arrival For most travelers, there are cheaper options (more)
Not all English speaking countries have the Belarusian embassy. Canadians, British Americans, and South Africans should have problems obtaining a Belarusian visa in their home country. However, citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, all of whom are not officially represented in Belarus, must apply in Belarus. Third-country embassy or visa upon arrival at Minsk airport.
Although Russia and Belarus have Customs Union It also requires separate travel visas for both countries. When traveling between two people, you will notice a lack of border ritual – does not mean you are free to roam! Verify that your host has registered a visa with officials in both Russia and Belarus to avoid unpleasant battles with politsiya.
Victory square building Minsk Belarus
Check your documents twice!
Bureaucracy may be angry But the worse fate is to delay your visa due to your own negligence.

Before you send everything out, check all your papers in sequence! For your Belarusian visa in the embassy, ​​you need to have the following:

Valid passport with two blank pages for visa and at least three months of validation before your expected travel date.
(No errors and no spaces – use “N / A” and “no” when the question is not used and when you have no answer)
Photo passport size professional
Evidence of Out-of-Country Medical Insurance
(See table below for fees for one-time Visitor Visa at time of writing.) – Acceptable Payouts and Promissory Notes But check the preferred payment method at your local embassy before submitting your application.

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