Luxury Backpack – SPORTSCUT.NET Thailand Relax at Shinapura Hotel While watching the precious art “Lanna-Ayutthaya”

Relax at Shinapura Hotel While watching the precious art “Lanna-Ayutthaya”

เที่ยวเมืองรอง แวะพักผ่อนที่โรงแรมชินะปุระ พร้อมชมศิลปะอันล้ำค่า 2 อาณาจักร “ล้านนา-อยุธยา”

Travelers who want to escape the chaos in the big city And Phitsanulok is another landmark that meets all the needs of travelers. Because it is a city with a long history

938374The main attractions are full of ancient civilizations such as Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Woramahawihan Temple. Or the name commonly referred to as the “Big Temple”, the royal monastery Which is generally known as the place of Buddha Chinnarat The Buddha image that is regarded as the most beautiful in Thailand

143534Chan Palace Not only the beauty of ancient architecture only This city is also full of abundant nature. Until being known as a romantic and fascinating land Which is now famous is Phu Tawan Farm in Noen Maprang District The yellow blooming sun With a backdrop of a 3 million million year old limestone mountain fortress and a cold evening, also found with bats flying from the cave behind the Ban Mung Temple, a long line in the sky




The indispensable thing is relaxation Shinapura Hotel




906648Join the taste of delicious Thai food and international cuisine at the Chaliang Restaurant or indulge in a cool drink bar at Ton Chan Secret Bar & Garden Café. And outside under large trees And learn history through a small museum in the hotel that displays weapons Warrior costumes, carvings and paintings, fighting in the Ayutthaya and Lanna periods

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