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Belarus visa application rules are not standard across the board.
Compared to the panicked process of applying for a Russian visa, the visa for Belarus is uninterrupted in the park. A simple Belarus visa simplifies Russia by applying for a visa. Not relevant as well. “Where did you go to high school?” Or “Show visits every time you visit during the past 10 years with a certain date.” “Have you ever been to Belarus?” Nothing in the Belarusian application is of ordinary. Until now, very good.
Hey Christie! Good to hear from you! Ethiopia is a great country, which includes 🙂 and some unrest. (I received a lot of emails from my worried parents lol), but now I say it’s great. Here’s why: 1) Not every day … .. Planned demo. And local people can tell you where they are and when. 2) If you avoid these demo areas. (Usually outside the university or in the city square), the rest of the city / country is perfect. This kind of thing has happened in the past and is usually not long. I assume and hopefully it will explode in the next month. If not, you will be able to visit without a problem due to separate dates / locations. The only thing that could be a problem for you is if you want the internet. Sometimes they shut down nationwide on the day of the protest, so if you have to check in the house, you may not be able to. And if for some reason it does not make things worse, I hate to miss out on some of the main sites to see. Like the protests that took place near Lalibela Church and you are not allowed to come, do you have a flexible travel plan? So then I would suggest a plan to come. But check with me a little closer to your trip and I can give you a better reason. Hope this helps! And hope you have a wonderful trip to the continent.
The official rumor came out: Eastern Europe is not an exotic country, cold, iced and gray. We eat up pictures.

Time has changed – mostly for the better – and as it turned out, Eastern Europe is not bad today; It is surprisingly satisfying.

When I decided to travel to Eastern Europe for the first time almost 10 years ago, I was struck by the blank stare and anxiety. Now it seems that independent travelers who do not respect themselves will dream of stepping into Europe without leaving Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

However, despite all the advertising. However, the status of Eastern European legends still exists, and some travel companies have expanded their business to a few Eastern European cities that are well balanced with Western and Central Europe.

Before you start, here is what I do not think you want: another one that tells you that Prague or Budapest is. You already know and everyone who travels the world. (Believe me, I asked – they were all on the Charles Bridge last summer)

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