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What TRAVELER could do in Eupope!?

3 beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, independent tourists should not be ignored

The official rumor came out: Eastern Europe is not an exotic country, cold, iced and gray. We eat up pictures.

Time has changed – mostly for the better – and as it turned out, Eastern Europe is really not today; It is surprisingly satisfying.

When I decided to travel to Eastern Europe for the first time almost 10 years ago, I was struck by the blank stare and anxiety. Now it seems that independent travelers who do not respect themselves will dream of stepping into Europe without leaving Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

However, despite all the advertising. However, the status of Eastern European legends still exists, and some travel companies have expanded their business to a few Eastern European cities that are well balanced with Western and Central Europe.

Before you start, here is what I do not think you want: another one that tells you that Prague or Budapest is. Did you know that everyone travels the world? (Believe me, I asked – they were all on the Charles Bridge last summer)

I chose the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe that you might never have thought to travel to. Of course, shopping is not as easy as traveling from Germany and two hours later. But who says independent travel should be absolute? Less adventures, not half fun?

Mosquito, canal and bear with bride: St. Petersburg, Russia
Cold Canal St. Petersburg
Nobody in the world likes mosquitoes. Some beautiful churches and churches follow the lazy canal (Russia) and you will get St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

Travelers will love traveling along the streets of St. Petersburg and waterways, especially fans of Russian literary giants Dostoyevsky, Pushkin and Gogol all in the city with comfort and fear.

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St. Petersburg does not have independent attractions and is suitable for the British Bockers Party and its annual offspring. Cities in Eastern Europe

Especially for those who speak English: the discomfort of the sunken place in the sea of ​​Cyrillic and Turkic and the Indo-European unfamiliar country of the old Soviet republics.

As you know, applying for a Russian visa is fun, such as filing a return or a dental discharge. The Church of the Spilled Blood Restaurant, Western and Central Asian Restaurants, or even the R Museum, invented the exotic and exotic Soviet Union outside of the confines of the tour group, which put pressure on time.

Baltic Artist Canvas Artist: Riga, Latvia
Colorful streets in Old Town, Riga, Latvia
Colorful streets in Old Town, Riga, Latvia
Although 90% of the world’s population may have never heard of it, Riga is undoubtedly on the list, even if it inspires you to visit before becoming a tragedy to tourists.

Independent travelers are beginning to realize that Europe does not stop east of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. And if the tourist arrives growing up on Riga’s streets, it’s an indication that the city is close to the Renaissance.

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And who will blame them? Riga’s old town is the center of Europe’s fascinating cities, with only a fraction (at the moment) and at a fraction of the cost.

Even walking around the old town is a wonderful way to experience the Baltic. But the point in Riga is only from the tourist attractions. Sometimes it’s tender, hip and sophisticated, and the art is still sandy, while many of the streets outside of the old city are not often called “beautiful”. Some realities hold – Riga feels like a true city. The only tourist city that is loved by so many people.

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